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Shawn Taylor
Andrew Rodriguez
Vocals-Rhythm Guitar
Phil Simpkin
Vocals-Lead Guitar
Sean Kennedy
Ralph Arenas
Bass Guitar
Sergio Sandoval
Simpkin Project, renowned for their distinctive fusion of reggae and Americana, skillfully intertwines authentic roots rock rhythms with a captivating wall-of-sound production style. Frontman Phil Simpkin's lyrical compositions range from simply truthful to stirringly anthemic. Their unwavering dedication to reggae is evident in dynamic live performances, songwriting, and studio recordings.

The band's rich guitar work, influenced by blues and rock 'n' roll, blends seamlessly with thumping drums, bass, percussion, and rhythmic guitar—a homage to Jamaica's celebrated music. Lush keyboard arrangements create a vibrant backdrop, enhancing the brilliance of three-part vocal harmonies.

Excitingly, Simpkin Project is gearing up for a prolific 2024, set to release their 5th full-length studio album, a dub album, and several collaborations. Eager to share new music with their dedicated fans, the band looks forward to captivating audiences with their evolving sound and spirited performances.

"Our respect for reggae music is paramount to the music we create and share." ~ The Simpkin Project
The Simpkin Project 01.jpg

"Simpkin Project has it going on! The band’s ability to varnish stylistic modifications over an organic reggae rhythm, producing a gorgeously incomparable sound that is all their own. And if that’s not enough, they leaven the sound with dazzling vocal harmonies, instrumental harmonics and contagious melodies."

-Huffington Post

"Their live performances leave you in a trance, as they often take their well-known songs and break into off-the-cuff jams." 

- OC Weekly Magazine

"I don’t use the word amazing lightly, but the simple fact is that there aren’t a lot of contemporary reggae bands that play roots reggae at the level of the bands I listened to growing up. The Simpkin Project is the rare exception."

- Madcap Music Review

 "It's such a creative style of music that keeps the listener attentive and waiting to hear what happens next."

- Music Bailout

"Each member of the band displays unmatched instrumental prowess...

It is jam-reggae at it’s finest."

- The Pier

 "Phil’s melodies are excellent, making the words easy to remember and the songs easy to hum."

- Angelica Music
Former Members: Jules Luna, Kevin Bayless, Pasquale Derosa, Mark Thompson, Chris Peeslee, Bryan Griffiths, Eric Riegler, & Nick Zermino
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